Great Places To Visit With Your BFF

travel with friendsWhy travel by yourself when you can bring your best friend with you? Going on a major adventure with your best friend will just make your relationship stronger and you will for sure have great memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some of the best places you can visit with your BFF:

Lima, Peru

Lima has one of the largest fountain parks in the world which is why it is known as the “Garden City.” The amazing coastal city is truly stunning having a six-mile stretch of parks that overlooks the ocean. It is also a culinary haven as it caters to world-class chefs which means you will always have good food served.

Dublin, Ireland

Why not spend your Christmas holidays in Dublin as the city is famous for going H-A-M on their décor for the Christmas and New Year. Don’t worry about the winter temperature because it is mostly mild and even you end up having a slight cold, you can still have fun indoors by visiting the Guinness Storehouse, theatres, go on a concert and see the city’s music scene, or just have fun in a pub.


Why not visit the island in March or April, before the island gets busy? But of course, anytime is a good time to visit Bermuda. You and your best friend will enjoy its pink sand beaches, different water activities offered in the island, and don’t forget to party at night where you and your best friend will enjoy your time even more.

Travel With Kids – Tips For A Stress-free Trip

travel with kidsWhether this is the first time that you are travelling with your kids or you have travelled with them for a couple of times, you know that preparing them can be daunting and while it can really be exciting for you and them, the preparation can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some tips that you can do before you travel with your kids:

Before going to the airport

Double check everything. If you are the mom who is preparing your kids for a holiday trip, it is likely that you would be the one who will ready everything. From the clothes of your husband to you, down the kids. Make sure you check they have everything they need and that the house is also set cleaned before you leave.

You need to double check everything there is to double check. Make sure you double check the airline 24 hours in advance and know if the departure and return times haven’t changed.

Know what you can carry. Having kids at the airport and even after you have arrived at your location may become chaotic especially if you have a lot of bags to mind. Make sure to know how many you can manage since it will be difficult to watch your belongings while also watching the kids at the same time.

At the airport

Board early. If you can board early, then do it. This will make your life easier as you can prepare the kids to sit in their designated chair while you will be able to stash the bags where you want them.

Don’t forget their toys. If you are travelling with a child that may not like to sit for a long time making sure that you have a lot of toys to distract them. You can bring small toys, stickers, magnets, colouring books and the likes.

Budget Travel – Tips To Help You Travel On Low Budget

travel budget lyttonWhile most of us dream of travelling the world but it looks like money is the main factor that is preventing most of us in achieving that dream. But it does not have to be that way. You can still travel the world even if your budget is not that grand, to begin with.

Here are some ways to help with your travelling plans even if your budget is low or even worst none at all:

Don’t think that the only way you can travel is by going on an organized, luxury travel. Do you know that you can even travel for free or at least on a tight budget if you embraced a more down to earth way of living? For instance, you can go couch surfing, camping or housesitting.

Couch Surfing. Couch surfing is when you search for places where you can sleep for free. There is even a website dedicated for couch surfers so you can easily find places where you can search for hosts offering a free couch, bed or sometimes a free bedroom, with no expectation of any return.

Camping. If you want to go camping, there are a lot of great places all over the world where you can camp for free. You just need to bring a lightweight tent and a mosquito net. And don’t forget to secure where you choose to camp since safety is still something you mostly need to consider.

Housesitting. Another option for a comfortable lodging especially if you are aiming to stay longer in the place is to be a housesitter. This is when you search for vacation houses and the owner of the house allows you to take care of their house while they are away. A lot of travel blogger mostly families, single parents and those who travel to live abroad search for such housesitting opportunities to stay in Europe, Bali, Mexico, Thailand, and so on.

3 Surprising Places to Visit Around the World

We all know the popular travel destinations that everyone wants to travel to, or has already been to: London, Paris, Rome, the list goes on. But what about the lesser-known locations around the world? We’ve picked three places we think you should visit on your next trip, which are listed below:

Located in Arabia and full of old-world charm, Oman has extremely welcoming locals among the wonderful architecture and lovely scenery. You can take a cruise off the coast and go dolphin spotting, or visit the bustling market. If treks are more your speed, the Al Jabal Al Akhdar mountains are perfect!

While most people know it as the setting of Borat, Kazakhstan has a lot to offer! It is the 9th largest country in the world, and people from a lot of countries no longer needs visas if they’re visiting for less than 30 days. For those who appreciate scenery, Kazakhstan is a place you can’t miss. In the capital of Astana, you’ll see surprisingly modern architecture, or travel west to see the mosques in the deserts. Visiting the Tian Shan mountains is also a must-do, and legend has it that it’s the birthplace of the apple – so foodies, take note!

Kosovo has never really been at the top of anyone’s travel list, but it’s starting to become known among those who travel the up and coming hotspots. They’ve upped their tourism game, and we’d recommend getting there now before it really becomes popular and crowded. It’s full of culture, great coffee, stunning landscapes and, surprisingly, a lot of outdoor activities to suit adrenaline junkies!

You may not have even heard of these places, but travelling is all about broadening your horizons! Take the paths less travelled and look for those cities and countries that aren’t as explored, and make some amazing memories!